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Dance the expected

OUT NOW! FOOTLOOSE is a remake the 1984 classic that will break(dance) every rule but that of the rom-com.

Reminiscent of Anne Fletcher’s Step Up trilogy, this remake of the 1984 dance romance tells the classic story of the city boy who comes to the country town to change everything. Along with winning the heart of wild child and preacher’s daughter Ariel, Ren successfully manages to overturn the town’s stringent laws banning public dancing, buoyed undoubtedly in his efforts by the effervescent spirit of rebellion among the town’s teenagers. With its feel-good and re-watchability factor, along with the unique country backdrop, it can be forgiven for staying overly faithful to the standard high-school-romance prototype.

Footloose | Directed by Craig Brewer (USA 2011) with Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough. Starts October 20