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Forays into Freud

OUT NOW! A psychoanalytic comedy ÜBER ICH UND DU unites Lacan and laughter to nice effect.

Cashflow problems force drifter Nick (Friedrich) to lie low and he passes himself off as carer to an elderly star-psychoanalyst in the process of writing one last vindicatory paper to account for that Nazi stain on his CV. The cat is called Lacan, a sketch of a familiar shepherd dog hangs on the wall… but like father figures and transfer therapy, it could all be flummery. Fresh but never flippant, Heisenberg puts us through our Freudian paces, reinventing significant slapstick as he goes.

Über-Ich und Du | Directd by Benjamin Heisenberg (Germany, Austria, Switzerland 2014) with Georg Friedrich and André Wilms. Starts May 8

Originally published in issue #127 May, 2014