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From rainforest to metropolis

OUT NOW! A smart, heartfelt account of a man's journey back to civilization after 25 years in Africa mesmerizes in the documentary, SONG FROM THE FOREST.

Following Sarno, a musician who lived with and recorded the music of pygmy Bayaka tribe in a Central African rainforest for over 25 years on his journey back to his native New York with his young son Samedi, Obert’s film is an intelligent portrait of a hunter-gatherer people losing its way of life, a man finding his way again and a boy embracing a globalised future. Reverberating with polyphonies from the Renaissance and the heart of Africa, this baroque sense fest captivates heart and soul.

Song From The Forest | Directed by Michael Obert (Germany 2013) documentary with Louis Sarno. Opens September 11.

Originally published in issue #130, September 2014.