Gloria Bell


Sebastian Lelio’s shot-for-shot English-language remake of his own 2013 drama Gloria is an odd beast. On its own terms, it’s a tender and liberating ode to aging that follows Julianne Moore’s titular divorcée, who embarks on a late-life romance. However, for those who’ve seen the original Chilean gem, there’s no real need to rush to see this one. Even if it isn’t the derivative or cynical cash grab you may have dreaded, you’ll still end up wishing that Lelio had given Moore a story of her own; she lights up the screen here, and sparks could have truly flown had Lelio made a leap forward, as opposed to returning to a story he’s already told.

Gloria Bell | Directed by Sebastian Lelio (Chile, US, 2019), with Julianne Moore, John Turturro, Michael Cera. Starts August 22.

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