God of blunder

OUT NOW! THOR wastes a lot of potentially funny moments in favor of colorful 3D-CGI battles.

Thor appears in half a dozen Marvel series, looking different in each one. This film version tries to combine all of them, while setting the stage for the proposed Marvel-Avengers universe: Captain America is due to start this summer and there are plenty of cross-references between Thor and Iron Man.

This Thor is a blond, bodybuilt showoff, somewhat challenged in the expressivity department, who, after a rather unfortu- nate excursion into another realm with which his people had a delicate truce, combined with a bit of brotherly intrigue, falls into father Odin’s disfavor and is cast out onto earth.

Thor wastes a lot of potentially funny ‘Nordic God with an antiquated way of talking must survive in modern-day America’-humor, in favor of colorful 3D-CGI battles between frost giants and Asgardian nobles, but Hopkins as Allfather Odin and Portman as sexy scientist Jane Foster manage to raise the film from ‘forgettable’ to ‘cool enough’.

THOR | Directed by Kenneth Branagh (USA 2011) with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Port­man, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgård, Rene Russo. Opens April 28