Going nowhere

OUT NOW! SOMEWHERE goes nowhere, unless you can sympathize with a hedonistic playboy who abandoned responsibilities.

A man drifts through life as a movie star. He lives in a hotel, has all the money he could ever want, can get all the girls (the free ones and the ones that get paid in cash), and he drives a fancy car (around and around in circles on an empty desert racetrack, in the unbelievably simplistic metaphor which opens the film), but when his 11-year-old daughter is forced to drift together with him for a while, he realizes that his life is empty. After over an hour of amply-demonstrated and very realistic tedious emptiness, he calls his ex-wife and weeps into the telephone, saying, “I’m nothing.”

All an audience might think at this point could be, “We noticed.” It would be very surprising if anyone, audience included, cared one bit about him. Stephen Dorff has the charisma of a limp carrot, and Sofia Coppola apparently seems to think that letting her protagonist move out of the Chateau Marmont and leave his Ferrari by the side of the road, taking a few steps on a dusty highway – on foot! A true LA revolutionary!!! – shows he’s finally growing into a decent human being. Only young Elle Fanning, as his daughter, has what one cannot call more than “moments”.

Somewhere | Directed by Sofia Coppola (USA 2010) with Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. Opens November 11.