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  • Good Luck to You – Leo Grande: Subtle sex comedy


Good Luck to You – Leo Grande: Subtle sex comedy

★★★ British comedy featuring the sex-positive exploits of a retired RE teacher and her gigalo.

Following up her 2019 Sundance hit Animals, Sophie Hyde’s British sex comedy hits kinos this week featuring Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack. You would perhaps be right to shudder reading those three dreaded words: British, sex, comedy. For all its powerhousery, British cinema’s foray into this territory is laughable – for all the wrong reasons. Something in the old psyche it would seem. Few gems spring to mind like Alan Clarke’s Rita, Sue and Bob Too.

And whilst a different kettle of fish to Clarke, Good Luck to You – Leo Grande navigates this minefield successfully. It is intimate, honest and pretty funny. A subversive story following a retired RE teacher and forays into sexual and sexuality with a young gigalo via a series of hotel room encounters. A subversive, subtle and sometimes sad film, it has a lightness of touch and enough laughs to keep all the plates spinning. A times a bit stiff, but all in all entertaining and much needed sex-positive film. ★★★

29.07.2022 - 12:19 Uhr