Foggy Rumsfeld

OUT KNOW! Former US Defense Secratary Donald Rumsfeld gets the "Fog" treatment in THE KNOWN UNKNOWN.

With a self-impressed “What, Mea Worry?” smile on his lips rather than the “mea culpa” offered by fellow war architect McNamara in a previous Morris documentary, former Bush II Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is grilled by the incredulous director. Evidence of Rumsfeld’s love for aphoristic obfuscation is omnipresent; his “known knowns/unknown knowns/unknown unknowns” conflagration turns the former Illinois congressman into the Gertrude Stein of neo-cons – his brain a tangle of wordplay red tape.

The Known Unknown | Directed by Errol Morris (USA 2013) documentary with Donald Rumsfeld, Errol Morris. Starts July 10

Originally published in issue #129, July/August 2014.