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Hardly a guilty pleasure

OUT NOW! Even Streisand as the archetypal Jewish mum fails to make THE GUILT TRIP any more than a mediocre mum-son comedy.

Money-sharp chatterbox Joyce (Streisand), bursting with Jewish chutzpah, joins repressed son Andy (Rogen) on a road trip through the States to pitch drinkable nontoxic cleaning products. Free-wheeling through all-you-can-eat steaks, the Grand Canyon and former flames, mother and son break down the relationship moulds that keep each other nagged, ignored and exasperated. Vibrant performances from the two leads barely sustain a film frustrated by a sub-par script: more safe trip than guilty pleasure.

The Guilt Trip (Unterwegs mit Mum) | Directed by Anne Fletcher (USA 2012). with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen Start April 18