Hack and slash

OUT NOW! Director Gareth Evans walks a tightrope between the grotesque and the beautiful in THE RAID 2.

Nicolas Winding Refn commented that the use of too much violence in film creates a negative effect on the viewer’s emotional investment, resulting in “bad pornography”. The Raid 2 sits precariously between said “bad pornography” and a morbidly beautiful ballet of slaughter. Undercover cop and martial arts expert Rama (Uwais) rampages through henchman after henchman to take down a ruthless crime syndicate in the heart of Jakarta. Eventually, however, it becomes quite tiresome.

The Raid 2 | Directed by Gareth Evans (Germany 2014) with Iko Uwais, Arifin Putra, Yayan Ruhian. Starts July 24

Originally published in issue #129, July/August 2014.