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The truth is out there

OUT NOW! HARODIM is another conspiracy theorist's wet dream on celluloid, albeit a rather ham-fisted one.

Henry Fonda found truth in a closed room in Twelve Angry Men. Fast-forward some 50 years and son Peter’s trying for a repeat performance as Solomon Fell, Masonic mastermind, presumed dead on 9/11 and newly risen to direct global terrorism and engender general devastation so that the chosen few can inherit the earth. Holed up in an underground hideaway in Vienna with his underling (the world’s ‘most-wanted terrorist’), and his understandably bewildered ex-Marine son, Fonda’s sonorous tones can’t distract either from the movie’s hare-brained premise or its mediocre execution.

Harodim | Directed by Peter Finelli (Austria 2012) with Peter Fonda, Michael Desante, Travis Fimmel. Starts November 8