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Have a coffee: Filmkunst

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Photo by Jonas Hjortdal

Filmkunst is the result of a break-up: when the rent at the old Filmkunst (on Revaler Straße) sky-rocketed in 2010, the owners couldn’t agree on a next move. So one moved to Kreuzberg and started Kultursalon Roderich, the other moved to Gärtnerstraße and started over. With the original film collection halved, the 6,000 current titles are set to reach the original quantity this year.

The shelves, sectioned by nationality, display world cinema and classic movies as well as new art house, like the Italian I Am Love. The staff recommendation shelf is popular with the 17,000 members (80-200 rent on a daily basis), as is the €1.70 latte they can enjoy in the small café while pondering their selection. Rentals are €1.60 per film per business day (movies rented after 11pm are free the first day). But it’s Filmkunst’s subscription offer that draws the serious cineastes: for €20 per month, you can rent films for free everyday.

When the store expands this year, there will also be film screenings and other events – as well as room for vintage film projectors and the more than 2,000 8mm film reels for rent.