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Hercules goes mortal

OUT NOW! It's the usual cast of creatures, heroes and villains in Brett Ratner's HERCULES, a retelling of the demi-god's latter years.

It’s “Lions and hydras and boars, oh my!” as the usually likeable Johnson and the much maligned Ratner join a selection of fine British thesps for this moderately diverting retelling of the demi-god’s slightly latter years. Taking place after his widely eulogised trials, we find Hercules as a myth turned mercenary; trekking the wilderness with his grumbling comrades until that one last lucrative job offers an early way out. Credit for choosing to debunk the hero’s mythology: aside from that, we all know the drill.

Hercules | Directed by Brett Ratner (USA 2014) with Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane. Starts September 4

Originally published in issue #130, September 2014.