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Romanian holidays

OUT NOW! MARTI, DUPA CRACIUN (Tuesday After Christmas) is a bourgeois bout of relationship crisis.

Radu lives in a modern Bucharest flat with his lawyer wife and their nine-year-old daughter. As Christmas looms over the Romanian capital, they discuss holiday plans and presents for friends and family at length.

A fairly ordinary guy caught in the most banal middle-class humdrum. But Radu is also having an affair with the young dentist treating his daughter’s teeth. In proud Romanian New Wave style, Muntean delivers a most depressing take on human relationships as his dispassionate camera scrutinizes yet another middle-class banality: cheating on loved ones.

Marti, dupa, craciun | Dirtected Radu Muntean (Romania 2010) with Dragos Bucur, Maria Popistasu. Starts October 6