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How to repeat yourself

OUT NOW! We don't expect romantic comedies to change the world – but at the very least they should be entertaining, which HOW TO BE SINGLE only partly succeeds at.

Alice (Johnson) is a recent university graduate hoping to make sense of her place in a world that, appearing hospitable at first, is more fraught with pitfalls than she imagined. The film dips in and out of hers and three other women’s lives as they tumble through the highs and lows of various romantic entanglements – all in an effort to suggest that love might not be the only answer. Yet, instead of taking a critical stance or offering any nuanced observations, the film is disappointingly content with being just a pastiche of the romantic comedy genre.

How to Be Single | Directed by Christian Ditter (USA 2016) with Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson. Starts April 7.