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Berlin, I Love You


This latest instalment in the Cities of Love romantic anthology series trades the sweeping boulevards of Paris for the housing blocks of Kotti, with soul-crushing results. Composed of 10 mawkish vignettes, made largely by obscure directors (with the dubious exception of Til Schweiger), it occasionally crosses the threshold into so-bad-it’s-brilliant territory: an early sequence in which a suicidal Brit (Jim Sturgess) regains his lust for life after a whirlwind tour of Berlin in a Knight Rider-esque talking car has to be seen to be believed. And a skin-crawling encounter between a beautiful young woman (Toni Garrn) and a terrifying-looking Mickey Rourke builds to a hilariously creepy conclusion. But more often, it’s simply tedious – a chapter which sees Keira Knightley bring home a child refugee to have dinner with Helen Mirren is well-acted but horribly earnest. All in all, it makes Love Actually look like Short Cuts.

Berlin, I Love You | Directed by… too many to list (US, Germany 2019) with Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren. Starts August 8.

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