Believe blindly

OUT NOW! Edward Hogg portrays a blind man in IMAGINE testing the limits of visual impairment.

“Imagine” opens in Berlin cinemas on January 2.

Set in a Lisbon facility for the visually impaired, Imagine tackles the essence of a blind person’s dilemma: trust. When a new teacher (Hogg) arrives to convince staff and pupils that honing other senses will help achieve the kind of confidence that blindness has compromised, he finds himself literally overstepping long-observed boundaries. Well observed and loosely shot with a real feel for disability, Jakimowski’s film enables us, like his subjects, to make the move from ‘spectator’ to participant.

Imagine | Directed by Andrzej Jakimowski (France, Portugal, UK, Poland 2012) with Edward Hogg, Alexandra Maria Lara. Starts January 2

Originally published in issue #123, January 2014.