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Strangers in Venice

OUT NOW! In LO SONO LI two immigrants find comfort in each other despite of their circumstances and others' prejudice.

Shun Li (Tao) and Bepi (Serbedzija) are immigrants. She’s from China, working off a debt to the Chinese Mafia in a cafe in Chioggia. He’s from former Yugoslavia and has fished for 30 years on the Venetian lagoon. Despite the pressures of prejudice and economic survival, they find understanding, reflected in an Asian woodcut aesthetic that celebrates the still waters of passion and its even stiller dissolution in a clear synthesis of effects, motifs and narrative.

Io Sono Li (Venezianische Freundschaft) | Directed by Andrea Segre (Italy, France 2011) with Tao Zhao, Rade Serbedzija. Starts December 5

Originally published in issue #122, December 2013.