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Crowd pleasing iron(y)

OUT NOW! IRON SKY is the raucous, special effect laden sci-fi romp that was the surprise hit at the Berlinale. Don't miss!

After escaping earth in 1945, the Nazis established a vast colony on the far side of the moon. Now they’re back. it’s a premise that Mel Brooks might have killed his granny for, and Finnish director Vuorensola pretty much succeeds in capturing the raucous spirit of the master of tasteless Nazi jokes.

But sometimes the deliberately bad acting, if that’s what it is, wears thin, and the jokes don’t swoop low over New York with laser guns blazing, but crash land in a remote field.

The presence of professional maniac Kier does a lot to save the film, as do the spectacular, vast and intricate special effects. this is a crowd-pleaser, as a crowd-sourced movie should be. Plus, it feels weirdly liberating to see so many ultra-crass jokes aimed at the US.

Best line goes to Sarah Palin analogue, President Stephanie Paul: “The Nazis? Great, they’re the only guys we ever beat in a fair fight.” You get the idea.

Iron Sky | Directed by Timo Vuorensola (Finland 2012) with Udo Kier, Julia Dietze, Götz Otto and Christopher Kirby. Starts April 9