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Connect the dots

OUT NOW! Based on few stories knit together, THIRD PERSON is not a routine formula entertainer but lacks crispness and can get confusing.

Haggis (Crash) again attempts to join the dots between apparently disparate stories. Here, it’s couples dealing with parent-child dependency. Travelling through time and space with a writer (an implausible Neeson) working on his fourth book in a Parisian hotel, Haggis’ script turns creative turmoil to potluck trauma before resolving itself in narrative conceit – but not before we’ve sat through some indifferent acting, confused editing and the feeling that our efforts are not matched by those on screen.

Third Person | Directed by Paul Haggis (UK, USA, Germany, Belgium 2013) with Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody . Starts December 4

Originally published in issue #133, December 2014.