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Imperfect partnership

OUT NOW! KADDISCH FÜR EINEN FREUND perfectly captures the social alienation in Berlin.

Like its French counterpart, Les neiges du Kilmandjaro, this movie explores the matrix of poverty and prejudice, as a young Palestinian immigrant becomes involved in an attack on his much older, Jewish-Russian neighbour in a Berlin housing estate. Khasin perfectly captures the social alienation, juxtaposing scenes at the Jewish community centre with those of disaffected young Arabs sprawled on concrete benches. And Ronczewski and Belakhdar are faultless as two people situated at vastly different ends of the political and generational gap but slowly moving towards partnership.

Kaddisch fur einen Freund | Directed by Leo Khasin (Germany, 2011) with Ryszard Ronczewski, Neil Belakhdar. Starts March 15