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Kreuzberg, oh Kreuzberg

OUT NOW! Berlin's beloved Kiez has a heritage deeper than just Berlin. The district shines in CANIM KREUZBERG, with a family story originating in Turkey.

Kiymet Özdemir, Canan Turan’s grandmother, fought against Turkish racism and for workers’ rights in Germany after moving to Berlin and starting a family.

She now lives back in her homeland of Turkey in a small village on the Mediterranean. This film ruminates on Özdemir as well as delighting in the colourful neighborhood of Kreuzberg filmed on its best-known holiday, May 1. Raw human circumstance and multikulti atmosphere pull at the heartstrings of anyone fond of Kreuzberg and dismayed by its loss of atmosphere.

Canim Kreuzberg | Directed by Asli Özarslan, Canan Turan (Germany 2012) documentary. Starts May 23.

Originally published in issue #116, May 2013.