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Girls can be Nazis too!

OUT NOW! KRIEGERIN is edgy and raw with great performances that compound the sense of paranoia.

This unhappily topical look at the spawning grounds of neo-Nazism in the former GDR is director David Wnendt’s first feature-length film (see interview), and there is still a welcome touch of rawness to his exploration of what makes average girls swagger up and down trains bullying and beating foreigners. When your days are divided between the checkout and the local lake listening to Holocaust Reloaded, something has to give. With astonishing performances from Levshin and Haase, this film will have you looking over your shoulder

Kriegerin (Verblendung) | Directed by  David Wnendt (Germany 2011) with Alina Levshin, Jella Haase, Sayed Ahmad. Starts January 19