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Kurds on the way

OUT NOW! The new film by Karzan Kader, BEKAS takes us on a journey of survival.

Bekas opens in Berlin cinemas April 10.

Danny Boyle’s Millions meets Wadjda in this empowerment tale of two orphaned brothers – the barely adolescent Dana (Fazil) and younger Zana (Taha) – eking a living as shoeshine boys in Kurdistan when a brief glimpse of Superman in the village cinema encourages them to purchase a donkey and strike out for America. Two days should cover it. The young actors overplay the innocence card, but humour and well-observed locality bestow serious street cred on this young person’s guide to solidarity and survival.                                                                         

Bekas | Directed by Karzan Kader (Sweden, Finnland, Irak 2014) with Sarwar Fazil, Zamand Taha starts. Starts April 10