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The real cost of coal

OUT NOW! In the documentary LA BUENA VIDA, Jairo Fuentes attempts to negotiate to to save his community from El Cerrejón coal mine, and raises the question of what "the good life" really is.

Energy has a price. And it’s not monetary. As Europe shuts down its mines, coal is imported from other sources such as the Correjón mine in Columbia which gobbles up indigenous villages as it digs ever deeper and wider. Schanze’s overpowering collage of images traces the resettlement of the Wayúu Indians from their forest home to a dustbowl of four-square concrete huts as they make way for progress and big business. Mandatory watching for anybody with a light switch.

La Buena Vida (das gute Leben) | Directed by Jenz Schanze (Columbia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland 2015). Starts May 14

Originally published in issue #138, May 2015.