Fairy way

OUT NOW! LA FÉE is a joyous yarn to remind us that the imagination is an important path toward happiness.

Fairy Fiona descends upon hapless hotel clerk Dom in Le Havre with the traditional offer of three wishes for happiness. But before Dom gets round to making the third, he and Fiona have found happiness in each other. Expressionist episodes (acrobatics on a Vespa, an underwater ballet), a cast of unconventional characters (illegal immigrants and female hockey teams) and Tati-like realist slapstick are three reasons of many to indulge this startling rendition of an ancient truth: just heeding the imagination is one road to joy.

La Fée | Directed by Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon (France, Belgium 2011) with Dominque Abel, Fiona Gordon. Starts September 6.