Ladies first

OUT NOW! Hala Lotfy's COMING FORTH BY DAY poignantly portrays two women's struggles as they care for an ailing patriarch.

Hala Lotfy’s Coming Forth By Day poignantly portrays two women’s struggles as they care for an ailing patriarch.

Hayat’s (Al-Naggar) and her daughter Soad’s (Maher) everyday is governed by caring for their senile, bedridden patriarch. Spending all their time at their jobs or working at home, they lead an onerous and disconsolate existence, the young Soad’s aspirations only allowed to exist as forlorn daydreams. Depicting a pivotal day in their life in long, unobtrusive takes, the film offers a poignant, allegorically charged portrayal of the women’s struggle between their sense of responsibility and their unvoiced yearning for liberation.

Coming Forth By Day | Directed by Hala Lofty (Egypt, UAE 2012) with Donia Maher, Salma Al-Naggar. Starts November 14

Originally published in issue #121, November 2013.