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French family bleh

OUT NOW! LE SKYLAB, Julie Delpy's latest cinematic release, leaves us smiling but ready to move on.

Oh, the un-hidden currents of family life! There’s a sense of déja vu as Delpy revisits Tavernier’s unsurpassed 1984 classic A Sunday in the Country. This time, it’s 1979 and the Skylab space station is due to crash somewhere, a prospect that variously exercises the assorted children plus spouses celebrating grandmama’s birthday somewhere in Brittany, pontificating on politics whilst the grandkids indulge in age-appropriate diversions. Bookended by flash-forward scenes on the misconceived laxity of post-1968 libertarianism, Delpy’s film restricts itself to snapshot comments: entertaining, but slightly forgettable.

Le Skylab | Directed by Julie Delpy (France 2011) with Lou Avarez, Julie Delpy, Eric Elmosnino. Starts August 9