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If you're wondering what Japanese filmmakers are up to these days, 17 films at Zeughaus Kino give you the answer throughout March.

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If you wonder what Japanese filmmakers are up to these days, 17 films at Zeughaus Kino gives you the answer throughout March.

Hirokazu Koreeda’s Air Doll tells the story of an inflated sex doll that comes to life, finds a job in a Tokyo video store and falls in love. The director’s singular, signature style comes alive in the perverse universe of the film. The film will be introduced by one of EXBERLINER’s February film nerds, Lukas Förster, on March 8 (20:00).

Love Exposure by Sion Sono was originally six hours long but was cut down to four hours, though it still maintains its complicated storyline: a young boy goes looking for trouble in order to have sins to confess to his father, who turned himself into a priest. On one of his quests he dresses up as a girl and falls in love with another girl, who falls in love with his female alter ego, while a third woman dresses up as his alter ego in order to win over the girl in love. Confusing? Perhaps – but highly entertaining.

The movie caused a big stir at film festivals around the world when it came out in 2008 – perhaps because the protagonist uses a significant amount of time taking photographs up (notoriously short) Japanese skirts, but mostly because people absolutely loved a film that was expected to be too long for most audiences to swallow.

Kinematographie Heute: Japan | Zeughauskino, full program at www.dhm.de/kino. Through March 30