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Fake cop, bad cop

OUT NOW! The flurry of gags in Luke Greenfield’s comedy LET’S BE COPS elicit some ha-ha chuckles but mostly fall flat.

Two schlubby but supposedly loveable underachievers (who both looked more comfortable on New Girl) dress up as LAPD, succumb to the attendant possibilities for power abuse and access to decorative women, and begin to suit up on the regular, attracting the attention of local Albanian mobsters (and perpetuating that country’s dominance of the film thug market). There are some undercooked chuckles, but in mind of recent US events, jokes tend to fall flat on aviator-bedecked faces.

Let’s Be Cops | Directed by Luke Greenfield (USA 2014) with Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr. Starts January 8

Originally published in issue #134, January 2015.