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Life of the Party


Do you know what comedy needs right now? A movie about a back-to-college mum who accidentally gets high, has a dance-off and embarrasses her daughter. Said no one ever. Husband and wife team Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy may think their latest collaboration is worth inflicting on paying audiences, but this is one party you need to avoid. What could have been a feminist take on Old School featuring sly intergenerational satire instead ends up as gag-free waste of time that will only prompt one important question: How did middling guff like this make it onto the big screen instead of being unceremoniously dumped into the Netflix graveyard?

After the not-even-moderately-funny Tammy and The Boss, this Hollywood power couple seems to be cornering the market when it comes to poorly written, low-effort comedies. This latest effort essentially consists of well-worn college comedy clichés, interspersed with the odd bout of nauseatingly unearned sentimentality. McCarthy can do better, supporting player Maya Rudolph deserves far better – even if she, alongside another SNL alumni Heidi Gardner, do alleviate the pain somewhat – and no one should have to settle for something as uninspired as Life of the Party. Sadly, don’t expect the studio heads, nor Falcone and McCarthy to learn any lessons from this, as their fourth collaboration has already been greenlit. It’s a Christmas-themed musical called Margie Claus. Need I say more?

Life of the Party | Directed by Ben Falcone (US 2018), with Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph. Starts July 05.

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