Beautiful grief

OUT NOW! LILTING is an absolutely stunning portrayal of grief from fledgling director Hong Khaou.

A delicate portrait of grief, Hong Khaou’s Lilting charts the slow road to reconciliation between Richard (Whishaw) and Junn (Cheng) following the death of Kai – her son and his lover. Switching between Chinese and English, Khaou’s debut upholds their cultural difference as Richard struggles to talk to Junn and it’s a stunning performance from Whishaw as he, teary-eyed, refuses to out his lover. But playing with time and space in a wonderfully cinematic way, Lilting is much more than just Chinese whispers.

Lilting | Directed by Hong Khaou (United Kingdom 2014) with Ben Whishaw, Pei-Pei Cheng. Starts January 1

Originally published in issue #134, January 2015.