Archive alive!

The K.W.'s Living Archive exhibition displays the Kino Arsenal's jaw-dropping collection of films in multifaceted ways in conjunction with the film institution's 50th anniversery. Come and see the old made new from Thu, Jun 6.

Sonata für Vier Monitore, Ludwig Schönherr.
Photo by Tina Wessel

Old films take on new life in the K.W.’s Living Archive exhibition.

After two years of exhuming the Kino Arsenal archives, 41 artists, filmmakers, curators and performers have compiled an exhibition that revives ancient films and creates something fresh. Displayed on two floors of the KW, as one part of the four-month long RELAUNCH curating project, the show ranges from sculptures that represent a film to viewing stations of feature-length films that visitors can watch in full, or get the gist of in five minutes.

In its 50 years, the Kino Arsenal has collected over 8000 films, many of which only exist within the archive. This exhibit generates something new from the rare, independent, often politically engaged cinema and creates an accessible point of entry to the collection.

According to exhibition project coordinator, Uli Ziemons, they “try to show the multiplicity of perspectives channeled through the Living Archive project in the richness of the collection. All these very different ways of engaging with the films, there are different ways to do it. You can make these objects and it turns into something else completely. [It becomes] how we can take this collection of film, mostly 60 mm film format that may become obsolete in a way, and keep it alive.”      

Living Archive | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, U-Bahn / S-Bahn Potsdamer Platz, Wed-Mon 12-19 Thu 12-21. Runs June 6-23.  Admission: €6 Euro, reduced €4