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Living with less

OUT NOW! A bit self-conscious at times, MY STUFF is still a thought-provoking examination of one man's relationship to his belongings.

A discontented young Finnish cameraman decides to revamp his life and object-clogged apartment with a dramatic year-long project: forbidden from buying new things, he will move all his possessions into storage and bring back just one item each day. The end result has generous helpings of self-deprecating humour, a necessarily hemmed-in sense of style and real familial warmth, but the rather self-conscious structure and setups means the viewer sometimes gets as frustrated with the project as the protagonist does. Likely nonetheless to spark worthwhile cross-examination of one’s inner hoarder.

My Stuff | Directed by Petri Luukkainen (Finland 2013) documentary. Starts March 5

Originally published in issue #136, March 2015