Logan, go west!

OUT NOW! LOGAN departs from the banalities of the formulaic superhero flick, delivering a hyper-violent, Western-flavored end to the Wolverine franchise.

Billed as the last time Hugh Jackman will don Wolverine’s claws and mutton chops, there’s a lot riding on Logan. Returning director James Mangold promised a Western-infused romp and he’s delivered the deliriously violent goods – this third solo outing for the hero is an unashamedly explicit affair that earns its adults-only rating. It sees an ageing Logan taking care of the ailing Professor X (Stewart, injecting some gravitas) and pint-sized mutant Laura (impressive newcomer Dafne Keen), who is responsible for some eye-popping, Sam Peckinpah-style blood- shed. The film drags a little in the second act, and you get the impression that they tried too hard to match Deadpool’s self-referential beats. But in the end, this is a suitably gnarly and moving last stand that is to be applauded for shaking up the tired superhero formula.

LOGAN | Directed by James Mangold (USA 2017) with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Starts March 2

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