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Lone ranger lizard

OUT NOW! Possibly a bit scary for the younger kids, but the slippery reptile ends up delighting in the end.

Coming off Coriolanus, writing for Rango must have been a welcome change for screenwriter John Logan, from a deadly, irony-free war drama to the free-wheeling fun of a lizard trying to fit into a town in the Old West, complete with bandits, damsels in distress and shootouts. And the animated fun spreads to the voice actors, because director Verbinski had them acting out their roles physically on a soundstage (rather than standing still in front of a microphone) much like Wes Anderson did with George Clooney et al in Fantastic Mr. Fox. So we can do nothing but look forward to some great ensemble voice acting and loving animation.

RANGO | Directed by Gore Verbinski (USA 2011) with Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, Isla Fisher (voices) Opens March 3