OUT NOW! DIE MONDVERSCHWÖRUNG uses a "clueless" American reporter to root out weirdness, to great effect.

Lucifer printed on the back of German ID cards? Nazi UFOs? Invisible poison on euro bills? If you thought the US was the motherland of conspiracy theories, think again! In this film US reporter Dennis Mascarenas puts on a naïve Michael Moore act to travel throughout rural Germany to meet with anthroposophical crop circle believers, join moon worshipping ceremonies and even travel to Antarctica in order to find the legendary Nazi hideout in New Swabia.

Mascarenas is so good at playing clueless that he has no trouble loosening the tongues of his interviewees and getting them to show their true (disconcerting) colours. Entertaining, but also worrying – when you realize how many among those New-Age creeps longingly expect Hitler’s messianic return from the moon, the South Pole or wherever. Die Mondverschwörung is a brilliantly unorthodox low-budget gem, giving rare insights into an odd, luna-tic microcosm.

DIE MONDVERSCHWÖRUNG | Directed by Thomas Frickel (Germany 2011) with Dennis Mascarenas: Opens April 21