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Mad in the Wild West

OUT NOW! There is nothing lethargic or constricting about SLOW WEST. Fassbender delivers a solid performance, but it is the careful structuring of the narrative and the brilliant cinematography which make this a thrilling example of a Western.

Clocking in at
 just 84 minutes, this neo-
Western about a young
 Scottish boy trekking the 
great outback of 1870s
 America in search of his
 lost love is petite but
 eventful and tonally rich.
 Natural hazards and the human treachery of the untamed frontiers come alive with sprinkles of unexpected comic relief under Maclean’s poised yet ferociously precise direction. Tremendous cinematography captures the wonders and mysticism of an open country. Contained but expertly executed, down to that blood-splattered finale.

Slow West | D: John Maclean (UK 
2015) with Michael Fass
bender, Kodi Smit-McPhee
. Starts Jul 30.

Originally published in issue #140, July/August 2015.