Mad moves

OUT NOW! LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR makes up for the script with elaborately staged dance numbers and insight into a scene.

The LGBT scene of ‘walking’ involves costumed performers competing for a specific ‘house’ by performing elaborately staged dance numbers on a catwalk. Never heard of it? Try this musical, which showcases de-closeted newcomer Brad (Sykes) recently thrown out of home by his parents, in some stunningly costumed and choreographed scenes (by none other than Beyoncé’s dance master) as well as some interesting insights into the homophobia still widespread in west coast African American communities. Pity about the plot and script, but you can’t have everything.

Leave it on the Floor | Directed by Sheldon Larry (Canada, USA 2011) with Ephraim Sykes, Andre Myers, Phillip Evelyn. Starts October 18