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Frankenstein’s action flick

OUT NOW! MAN ON A LEDGE is composed of bits and pieces of recognizably classics. Not novel, but still entertaining.

There’s not much that’s really new in this story of an ex-cop (Worthington) out to rehabilitate his name by trying to bring down the man who brought him down. Not as mean as Scorsese’s bad cop/good cop in The Departed, not as funny as the Oceans, not as real-time tense as Phone Booth. Yet a smattering of all these elements cooked up together and served in New York make for a very entertaining movie, with a welcome sighting of Ed Harris as the really, really bad guy.

Man on a Ledge (Ein riskanter Plan) | Directed by Asger Leth (USA 2012) with Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell. Starts January 26.