Burrowed brow

OUT NOW! MAN TÄNKER SITT (BURROWING) is a hypnotic journey into the banality of suburban Sweden.

The narrator of Man tänker sitt is Sebastian, who in his voiceover coolly dissects his surrounding suburban affluence, the neat hedges, the Ikea furniture. Sebastian seems much wiser than his meager 11 years would suggest, although not at all smart-assed, oscillating somewhere between autistic concentration and a sublimely Thoreauvian detachment. Sebastian’s often violent comments build a suspense that you might hope would explode at its most unbearable points. Instead, the film very quietly goes nowhere, just like the despairing inhabitants of its clean little row houses. Sebastian, however, might end up a serial killer or a brilliant philosopher.

MAN TÄNKER SITT (Burrowing) | Directed by Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel (Sweden 2009) with Sebastian Eklund. Opens March 3