A cult leader with a penchant for LSD summons a crew of sadistic Slipknot lookalikes with a demonic conch in order to terrorise a couple living in the woods (a manic Cage and an unrecognisable Riseborough). A languorous opening act paves the way for a trippy home invasion thriller, which itself ramps up towards a bloody revenge rampage that merges Mad Max with Clive Barker. If you’re not hooked by that synopsis, this 1980s-riffing psychedelic B-movie isn’t for you. Cosmatos suffuses grindhouse thrills with an arthouse sensibility, using a palette of deep crimsons and dusky blues to conjure an unsettling etherealness. The result isn’t the cult masterpiece many are trumpeting, but the nightmarish mood and gory violence are tailor-made for midnight screenings.

Mandy | Directed by Panos Cosmatos (Canada, US 2018) with Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. Starts November 1.

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