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Master and señoritas

Carl Andersen Retrospective. Watch the sexistential Berlin underground filmmaker as he examines the sexual tension between the director and his female subject in a selection of movies from his past.

In his latest opus, The Ratman and his Muses (Jun 16, 18; 22:00), Berlin underground filmmaker Carl Andersen turns his sexistential camera on his “muses”: Julia, a German version of the girl next door he wants to fuck and Malga (Kubiak), the inveterate Polish experimental hardcore actress-director who stars in most of his previous movies.

As always, the theme here is the relationship between sexuality and the desire to film, between director and his female subject. More unusually, there’s no sex here, very little flesh, just handheld shots of Julia and Malga hanging around in Carl’s flat, getting drunk, wading in a lake, walking in the woods.

The charm of this drunken Godard-style flick lies in the triangular tension between Julia, who is flattered by Carl’s attention and whose affected or real ingenuity and uncooperativeness becomes the very subject of the film, the “ratman” director who you hear a lot but never see and a queenly Malga, who at 60, ends up stealing the show.

Previous installments of Andersen’s oeuvre – including Chien Fuck (Jun 17, 19; 22:00), Eiszeit (Jun 20, 22:00), Lick an Apple like a Pussy (Jun 21, 22:00 – not to be confused with the stage version, Lick a Pussy like an apple) and Mondo Weirdo (Jun 22, 22:00) – will also screen. Don’t miss the opportunity to brush up on real Berlin underground classics! Mostly in OV foreign English.

Carl Andersen Retrospective, June 16-22 | www.tilsiter-lichtspiele.de