Engaging BFFs

OUT NOW! In MEIN BESTER FEIND, two friends take sides in a war of two worlds, and still manages to be entertaining.

Vienna, 1938. This is the unique story of both a friendship and a betrayal between art gallery curator Victor Kaufmann and SS member Rudi Smekal. Having spent their childhoods under the same roof, their seemingly unbreakable bond crumbles when Rudi enrols in the SS. Snubbing the standard WWII movie template, Murnberger’s production centres on the Kaufmanns’ beloved Michelangelo drawing and the struggle to keep the Nazis from getting their hands on it. The storyline too often drifts from the historical context but is truly entertaining – a difficult feat in the face of such a sombre theme.

Mein Bester Feind | Directed by Wolfgang Murnberger (Austria 2011) with Moritz Bleibtreu,Georg Friedrich. Opens Septermber 1