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A little going a long way

OUT NOW! Despite its almost embarrassing premise MEIN ZIEMLICH KLEINER FREUND is a harmlessly charming popcorn rom-com.

This French rom-com about an uptight lawyer (Virginie Efira) learning to cope with the social stigma of having a new boyfriend of diminutive stature (a CGI-reduced Jean Dujardin) is a borderline shot-for-shot remake of Marcos Carnevale’s Corazón de León. Surprisingly, it still works: the digital effects lead to some well-executed sight gags and the charismatic (and commercially bankable) leads make this lightweight confection very watchable. The film’s message about overcoming appearances and celebrating differences isn’t too subtle, and undercut by the fact that a short actor wasn’t cast as the leading man. Regardless, it remains “mignon”. (That’s French for ‘cute’, not a disparaging term about the vertically challenged.)

Un Homme A La Hauteur (Mein Ziemlich Kleiner Freund) | Directed by Laurent Tirard (France, 2016) with Virginie Efira, Jean Dujardin. Starts September 1