Memento Mori

OUT NOW! Bleak but mesmerising LOVE ETERNAL follows the morbid mind of Ian, as he pursues his dark fixations and descends into necrophilia.

Based on the novel by Japanese author Kei Oishi, this stunningly realised Irish production draws you down into the disturbed mind of Ian (de Hoog) whose consuming obsession with death and the dead is mesmerising. His undertakings as a suicide assistant and lapses of necrophillia are done with a tenderness that defers judgement, providing complexity to the most morbid themes of the film. Its bleakness, while requiring of stamina, is captivating and poignant. Not a first-date movie. Best followed by a double whisky.

Love Eternal | Directed Brendan Muldowney (Ireland 2013) with Robert de Hoog, Polly McIntosh. Starts May 22

Originally published in issue #127, May 2014.