OUT NOW! Suburb-story LA LISIÈRE ultimately leads nowhere. Maybe that’s the depressing point?

Squeaky-clean suburbs have always been perfect for stories about the ‘dark side’ of human nature. In the French La lisiere, François, the new neighborhood doctor in a close-knit residential development, finds himself involved with a group of teens who gather in the woods where they devise dark, perverse games at night. Corpses are found. Secrets uncovered. The Lynch-inspired atmosphere expressed through a strange, droning soundtrack and creepy, stylized cinematography gives texture to the boredom of adolescence in a sterile world. And yet, despite convincingly eerie moments, La lisière remains artificial and leads nowhere. Or maybe that’s the very (depressing) point?

LA LISIÈRE | Directed by Géraldine Bajard (France, Germany 2010) with Melvil Poupaud, Audrey Marnay, Hip­ polyte Girardot. Opens April 28