At long last

OUT NOW! Barry Jenkins' Oscar-winning masterpiece MOONLIGHT finally hits German cinemas. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Chief among a recent flurry of LGBTQ-themed films is Barry Jenkins’ universally acclaimed Moonlight. Jenkins takes a tediously worthy-sounding premise – an African American boy struggles with his sexuality whilst contending with loneliness, bullying and a crack-addicted mother in a Florida housing project – and injects it with enough beauty, romance and optimism to make you feel like you’re watching something entirely new. It’s an elegant triptych, depicting three formative episodes in the life of troubled protagonist Chiron, with a different actor playing the role in each. Alex Hibbert is heartbreakingly withdrawn in the opening sequence, Ashton Sanders deftly conveys his burgeoning sexuality in the central chapter and Travante Rhodes simmers with repressed desire in the mesmerising final act. But the real revelations are James Laxton’s dreamlike cinematography and Jenkins’ breathtakingly assured direction. The lush visuals and dizzying camerawork call to mind Wong Karwai and Terrence Malick– remarkable given that Jenkins’ only previous feature is 2008’s unassuming lo-fi romance Medicine for Melancholy.

Moonlight | Directed by Barry Jenkins (USA 2016) with Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, Travate Rhodes. Starts March 9.

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