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Love in many ways

OUT NOW! Nabil Ayouch's unflinching look at the lives of four Moroccan prostitutes makes MUCH LOVED not only unique, but touching.

Four women in Marrakesh are ladies of the night. They get summoned to rich men’s parties to sell their bodies. Despite great hardship, they remain united, dignified, and much loved. A poignant social commentary, as well as an empowering tale of womanhood and friendship, Ayouch’s film intercuts between close-ups of their weary faces and tracking shots of passersby representing the whole social spectrum, from collectors of recyclables to street sweepers. These are all people who must strive to survive, each in their own way.

Much Loved | Directed by Nabil Ayouch (France, Morocco 2015) with Loubna Abidar. Starts April 7