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House on ho-hum hill

OUT NOW! Ethan Hawke ups sticks and moves his family into a haunted house without telling them in the underwhelming and unoriginal SINISTER.

The idea
 that an ancient Babylonian
 deity is still at large, 
successively murdering 
families and feasting on
 the souls of the individual
 children that he holds back 
from slaughter is ghoulishly
 obtuse. And the evidence of these acts, discovered by crime writer Ellison (Hawke) in his sinister new abode, certainly causes some furrowed brows and family rows. Little else, however, sustains this part-time merger of The Omen and the haunted house genre through some pretty faulty synapses. Is that blood on the wall, or writing? 

Sinister | Directed by Scott Derrickson (USA 
2012) with Ethan Hawke,
 Juliet Rylance, James 
Ransone. Starts November 22